Welcome back staff. The following is relevant to you for the 2017-2018 school year.

Your technology department was busy while you were gone. Listed below are some of the new things that you need to know about your computer, so please take the time to read it in entirety before filling out a tech. request. If you are a new member to the LAS family, or need a refresher, you will want to read the technology Staff Training Manual.

Your computer was imaged over the summer - here is what to expect from your new system:
  • Computers and projectors may have been unplugged and moved as rooms were cleaned and waxed. Please take a minute to plug your computer and projector in to power, network and black boxes. It is almost impossible to do it wrong, however If you absolutely can not figure it out, please ask for help from your neighbor or building techie to assist you. In the case of hard to reach projector, please contact your building custodian or file a SchoolDude request.
  • Activate Windows on your computer by double clicking the icon on your desktop called Win7 Activation 17-18. If you get an activation popup when you turn on your computer, simply click cancel to continue to the desktop.
  • Printers are expected to be installed by you as we are unable to anticipate which printers you use or which you may want as default. (Install them from iprint in the "Staff Application Folder")
    • If you can't print to any Xerox MFD printers, then you need to enter your account code: MORE INFO HERE
  • Software programs are installed via your "Staff Application Folder" under "Installers". All other installers from any other source have been disabled to cut back on malware, spyware, bloatware and adware. If you do not see an installer for software you require, then please file a tech. request so we can create an installer..
  • Tech. Wiki: The LAS Technology Wiki page has been going strong for 7 years now and the content keeps growing. We have posted instructions, answers and now videos to address some of the common tech. issues. Please check it out before filing a Tech. request.
  • Every thing technology related should be submitted via a tech request. To fill out a technology help desk request; just double click the icon located on your desktop named "Technology HelpDesk".
    • Reminder: When filling out a Technology help request, the urgency status is as follows;
      Emergency = A building or major system is down.
      High = Affects several people or is time sensitive.
      Normal = Affects one person or is not time sensitive.
      Low = More of a heads up, or is not time sensitive.


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