End of Year (EOY) computer checklist

Before the last day of school:

  • Save your documents and files to your “H” drive – especially those that you have saved to your desktop or hard drive. The imaging process will format your hard drive.
  • Do not un-plug your computer in any way or turn off its power strip. We will unplug them after imaging in June & July. If they are unplugged we can not remotely turn them on.
  • Remove any wireless keyboards and mice and connect your original corded mouse and keyboard, as we will need them when imaging over the summer.
  • Remove any papers, toys, magnets or knickknacks from the top of your computer, we will need to open it to blow the dust out and upgrade the memory.
  • iPads, laptops and other mobile devices should be stored securely, turned off and unplugged with a battery charge of around 50%. Devices should be checked back into your local media center for storage. If you are bringing home any school owned staff devices for the summer, you will be responsible for there safe return. No student based devices should be taken home during the summer.
  • Projectors and printers can be unplugged however the technology department will NOT be plugging them back in for you. When school resumes, anyone can simply plug the devices back into an electrical outlet.


Why do we image computers every summer?
  1. Updates! Windows updates, Novell updates, network updates, software updates, Bios updates, driver updates.
  2. Fixes! To fix problems that have been identified from the previous image and have sense been fixed.
  3. Speed and stability! As computers get used, they store temporary files, cache files, cookies, user profiles, malware, adware, spyware, which gradually slow the machines down.
  4. New Features! To add software or features that could benefit people or generally make life easier.
  5. Uniformity! Having the same image on all of a specific model of computer makes diagnosis of problems faster and more predictable.

What is imaging?
It is how we can setup a computer from a blank slate to a working fully functional computer in less than an hour.
An image includes and operating system (Windows) and any and all software used at LAS.
We have images for every make and model of computer in this district.
It's how we can support 1200+ computers with a limited staff.

What happens when my computer is imaged?
  1. It completely erases any data currently on the computer by doing what is called a disk "Format"
  2. We then copy our master image that we have created, tested and has been approved for the upcoming year.
  3. An image is based on the model of computer, for instance, all staff district wide use HP EliteDesk 800 model.
  4. Software other than MS Office is expected to be installed by the person using the computer. (located in "Installers" in "Lowell Staff Applications" on your desktop)
  5. Printers are expected to be installed by the person using the computer (using iprint from the application launcher) As we are unable to anticipate who uses which printer and what the default may be.

*If you find you are missing software after the imaging process, please fill out a Tech. request.